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Make your credit score work for you.

Now is the time to improve your current consumer credit bureau performance status. Unless you have cash to pay for major purchases, credit is one of your most powerful tools.

A low FICO score is going to make it very difficult to qualify for a loan or you will have to pay a steep risk penalty - meaning much higher interest rates and a sub-prime credit status.

Consumer Credit Services
  • Credit Bureau Analysis and Assessment
    • Equifax, Experian, & Transunion
  • Credit Bureau FICO Score Improvement
  • Debt Settlement Negotiations
  • We Contact and Negotiate With Creditors On Your Behalf
    • Charged Off Accounts
    • Judgments and Liens
    • Collection Agencies
    • Repossession Deficiency Balances
    • Credit Cards
  • Credit Education Information (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

The Rubicon Group has more than 29 years of financial services and credit management experience, and is committed to earning your trust. Servicing the Houston metro area,  we provide honest and professional credit bureau assessment and enhancement services that are second to none. We understand what matters to the credit bureaus, and can help you increase your FICO score.

Don’t delay. Improving your credit score improves your buying ability and reduces interest rates.

Get your credit bureau profile in a position that works for you – not against you.

The Rubicon Group negotiated with a former creditor settling a judgment for 20% of the judgment amount, and obtained a letter from the creditor agreeing to remove the information from my Credit Report. Mr. Driver and the Rubicon Group kept me informed about the progress of my case every step of the way.

- BH
Our 7 Service Promises
  1. We pledge to provide you with an “irrevocable commitment” to be your consumer credit consultant of choice.
  2. We will operate with the highest standards of trust, transparency, and excellence.
  3. Our objective is to legally and efficiently assess and enhance your credit bureau profile to increase your ability to obtain credit.
  4. Your best interests will always be the best interests of The Rubicon Group.
  5. We will provide you with credit education information that will help you further under stand the credit granting process and how to properly and proactively maintain your consumer credit bureau profile.
  6. With your authorization, we will negotiate, in good faith, with your creditors to resolve and settle outstanding obligations, including liens, collections items, and judgments.
  7. Our services to you will be honest, accurate, professional and in compliance with federal guidelines including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).